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SharePoint Asynchronous Content Synchronisation

This tool will copy content from a source SharePoint 2010 List or Library to a destination site. It is most useful when you are revamping a publishing web site and you need to migrate the content to a different information architecture. It uses the client object model and the
tool does not need to be run on either server.

It runs off configuration files and can be run multiple times. This means that different parts of the site can be synchronised separately. It can be run as a once off activity (Full Sync), or pick up only the updated content since the last update (Deltas/Incremental Sync).

The tool will not rebuild the new Information Architecture - The new site must be created with all the required subsites, list, libraries, site columns and content types. It will create subfolders, if they do not exist in a library.

Any metadata can be synchronised. You can override metadata with hardcoded values. This is useful if the new and old Content Types and Page Layouts are completely different.

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